European Peace Walk

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Slovenj Gradec

About Us


Peace Walk's ethos is "Many paths – One Road" and it represents our goal of bringing all ages from all corners of Europe (and beyond) to share in this unique experience. By walking through the natural beauty of Central Europe, people will encounter the hidden magnificence of the region, as well as the abundant history that goes with it.

The alluring countryside and picturesque villages of the region will supply a vast array of historical and cultural backdrops but it will be the creative thought and input from our Pan-European network of thinkers, politicians and artists that will create the real "experience" along the way by optimising the route itself. Our network will choose the best route, not just by natural beauty but also by ascertaining the cultural, historical and artistic best that the area has to offer. Information of such will be provided along the route.

Peace Walk has finished its Research and Development stage. This year, with our network and dedicated team members we will be finalising the precise route and defining the exact infrastructure needed along the road; signs, accommodation, tracks etc...

Now in the Implementation Stage of the project, Peace Walk is proud to announce its launch: the 28th of July 2014

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