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About Us

CityBridge Education is a Washington, D.C.-based not-for-profit whose mission is to advance equity and opportunity for children.  We do that by reimagining public education—starting with the creation of innovative public schools, right here in the nation’s capital.

What Motivates Us?

The nature of work is changing fast.  The idea of a single job is over.  And the nation is on an inexorable path to real racial and ethnic diversity.  Change is happening all around us, but are schools keeping up?  Are they preparing our students for lives and careers where constant learning and retooling will be the norm?  And are they promoting equity in a way that will shatter expected narratives about who should succeed and who will lead?  We think schools can and should do better; they should lean into this challenge and become the nation’s labs for demonstrable progress.

How Do We Work?

In Washington, D.C., we are blessed with many public schools succeeding brilliantly—on these and other metrics of equity and opportunity.  But in order to meet existing parent demand and to serve our growing city, we need dozens more innovative schools that push the boundaries of what schools can deliver.  At CityBridge, our work is bringing to market the next generation of innovative public schools for Washington, D.C.  We begin by identifying the talented leaders capable of working at the innovative edge of what is needed and possible in public education. Our team finds that talent, helps develop their new models, and then incubates each school’s founding team through the launch of a brand new public school.

Our Portfolio of Work

The timeline of this work is long—approximately three years, start to finish, from the day we meet an entrepreneur to the day he or she opens the door to a new school. At any one time, we expect to have 15-20 schools—from early stage through launch—in our active portfolio in addition to several dozen ideas and entrepreneurs, per year, every year, whom we are vetting for inclusion in the portfolio. To support this work and to ensure its lasting success in our city, we also have an active Stewardship practice that uses content and frequent convenings to build an engaged, informed network of the city’s business, philanthropic, and civic leadership. We bring important education content to our community of stewards; they, in turn, become the “godparents” to our schools and the network from which we draw to build strong boards and local, political, and financial support for D.C. public education.