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714 S. 27th St.
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About Us

The REACH Center (Resources for Education and Career Help) is based on evidenced-based research from the national Youth Development Research Foundation. The model we use is Peer Advocates; using peers as connectors/motivators to young people in different affinity/cultural groups in the community and encouraging them to reconnect to their future economic and educational opportunities.

The REACH Center is Pierce County's first and only young people (16-24 years of age) One-Stop with over forty critical community and government partners, who have signed on to contribute cash, staff, in-kind resources, talent, technology, and youth cultural competency, to provide a full range of education, career and workforce & youth development services under one roof. There are 21 partner staff and 7 REACH Center staff members, including 4 AmeriCorps staff, housed at the REACH Center to serve the young people who walk in the door. These partners range from Youth for Christ to Job Corps.