L'Arche Portland

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435 SE 85th Ave.
United States

About Us

L'Arche Portland is a faith-based organization in which people with and without intellectual disabilities create home and build community together. The focus of life in L’Arche is creating home with adults with disabilities, rather than just providing services to them. We believe in the power of relationships in community to transform lives and to bring a real home and genuine love to those whose deepest suffering is not their disability, but their experience of isolation and loneliness.

L’Arche is also a leader in demonstrating to Portlanders the quality of care and companionship that is possible for all people. Beyond offering, stable, long-term relationships for the adults with disabilities in our homes, L'Arche imparts to the broader community its vision of the unique value of every person, our need for one another, and the transforming power of mutual relationships.

Our local community belongs to the international Federation of L’Arche. With over 145 communities in 40 countries around the world, L’Arche International is a global leader in engaging, honoring and celebrating people with intellectual disabilities.