Buena Vista University- Office of Civic Engagement

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610 West 4th ST
Storm Lake
United States

About Us

At Buena Vista University, we believe students learn best and most by doing. With this goal in mind, the Civic Engagement office serves as an excellent resource for students seeking experiential learning opportunities. A full-time staff person and student advisory board, named Student M.O.V.E (Mobilize, Outreach, Volunteer, Efforts), assist individuals and groups looking to participate in service opportunities. Local, regional, national, and international volunteer opportunities help students realize the importance of civic responsibility and engagement. These experiences serve as the cornerstone of BVU, as are exemplified by our motto of Education for Service.

In the fall of 2012 BVU was awarded a Bringing Theory to Practice Grant where a group of faculty, staff, students and community partners established the following Civic Mission of the university:

“We provide students with intentionally diverse and purposeful experiences for civic learning, so students can become active and productive citizens. We do this by collaborating with community partners and through co-curricular and curricular engagement on a local, national, and international level.”

Read more at http://www.bvu.edu/civicengagement/#ixzz2xae44v7a Buena Vista University