Kwacha Kum'mawa

About Us

Founded by 5 young women in 2001, Kwacha Kum’mawa occupies a unique position as the only community magazine and community media producer in the Eastern Province. Kwacha Kummawa educates and informs the community on HIV AIDS and other health issues, human rights, gender and entrepreneurialism to enable them live health lives through its magazine and outreach sensitizations. Kwacha Kum’mawa is a registered Community Based Organisation. Its vision is “A fully informed society on health, gender and poverty issues”

It has a broad mission “Kwacha Kum’mawa, working with partners where possible, aims to educate and train the community in all aspects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, general health issues, disabilities, poverty, human rights and gender.”

Founder member Josephine Tembo and husband Chitalu, continue linking young people to myriad opportunities in an area were jobs are very scarce. At the center the young people learn IT skills, run an internet cafe, a reprographics center, while at the same time doing outreach programmes using popular theatre, radio drama and focus group discussions. The members harbour ideas of starting the first community television in the area. This is not far fetched considering that the visionary couple had a major hand in starting the first community radio station in the province, ten years ago. The link to is one of the channels to get local an international volunteers give a helping hand for the organisation