BrainSpunk Theater

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New York
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About Us

It is our mission to explore subjects and materials that provoke discussion of difficult questions. To find works that can be looked at from a different angle, and discover new works that take a different point of view. To search for answers within ourselves, and not with a search engine. To explore a plethora of ideas from religion, sexuality, ethics, diversity, aging, from birth to the reality of death, and the full spectrum of issues we confront daily in current times. BrainSpunk Theater will attempt the nearly impossible: To reverse the degeneration of the human mind. Call us dreamers. You’d be right.

In an era in which we communicate through acronyms, attaining answers to our most imperative questions within a matter of seconds on the internet, it is our mission to spark life once again in that most abandoned of human organs-the brain. Once used to explore not only the great questions of life, but the meaning behind them, we have allowed that part of us to go idle as we lazily roll our eyes at the thought of having to utilize our cognitive abilities.

To learn that instead of holding onto one thought at a time, perhaps we have enough "spunk" left within our minds to possess two or more thoughts that coexist and perhaps enlighten. To realize that instead of giving in to the proclivity of doing art that only reaffirms what we have come to believe is the truth, to scrutinize a topic so that we can see it from a different perspective. To perhaps unearth something we hadn’t thought about before. Can you imagine it? We can.

Finally, most of all, to make this process enlightening as well as entertaining.