Project Five-Star

  • NC


1420 S Wilmington St
United States

About Us

To provide men and women with the following, based on the Five Points of Hope:

Need a home, stay with us. The point of the project is to provide a decent shelter and food for men and women. Point Two: Get Healthy. No one likes being sick, let alone being homeless and sick. And who pays for it? We will. A combination of in-house services and our own insurance program will get you the care you need. Point Three: Learn a Skill and Use It. Hard to find a job in today's economy that pays the bills, when you don't have the skills that are needed in your area. And it's not enough to say I know how to do something if you have no verifiable experience to show potential employers. So we'll open our own little shops, restaurants and services. Point Four: Find a job. Once you have the skills and experience and can prove it, what's to stop you from finding work? Point Five: Find a new home.