Chicago Jobs Council

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29 E. Madison Street
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About Us

The Chicago Jobs Council (CJC) moves people out of poverty through employment using on-the-ground expertise, advocacy, and capacity-building.  Our vision is that all people, regardless of where they start or where they've been, can access employment as a pathway out of poverty.  CJC works closely with a membership of 100+ community-based service organizations, advocacy groups, businesses and individuals that share its mission, as well as numerous additional partners in the workforce development field, to influence the development and reform of public policies and programs designed to move people out of poverty, into the workforce and into better jobs. CJC’s expertise lies in its ability to bring the voices and experiences of providers, public agencies, people living in poverty and other stakeholders to bear on workforce development and related policies and programs. Over many years, CJC has been at the forefront of influencing how workforce, public benefits and education systems intersect to prepare disadvantaged populations to enter and be successful in employment.