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About Us

Global Partners for People (GPP) is a non-profit, social enterprise, with a mission to equip and mobilize global change agents to create, test, and refine solutions to global problems.

We travel abroad with young adults to create solutions to global problems (such as poverty), specifically addressing how local actions have global impacts.  

We call it Borderless Development.  

Our new model consists of three programs (Spark, Connect, and Fuse) that twist study abroad, volunteer abroad, and gap year programs into problem-solving projects.  That makes GPP an international development organization using the travel abroad model to generate global innovation.  

Spark: twisting volunteer abroad/Borderless Development ExplorationYoung adults participate in a community development project abroad;  they debate and discover the individual's role in development challenges, which Sparks an action plan to bring home.  Action plans are individualized, ranging from social enterprise ideas to simple changes in consumer behavior.  

Connect: twisting gap year/Borderless Development Incubator - Fellows (participants) from different countries Connect in one country, for one year, to generate Borderless social impact ideas that address a global problem, turning the most promising ideas into testable models or action plans.   This program is coming soon! 

Fuse: twisting global development/Borderless Development Launch Pad- Alum from our Spark and Connect programs bring Borderless social impact ideas to fruition through refinement and launching.