Sawa World

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About Us

Sawa World believes there is a way to end extreme poverty for billions of people on our planet. The solution lies in the minds, hands and hearts of those who suffer it most. We called them Sawa Leaders; unsung heroes who have themselves been among the one billion people living on one dollar a day or less. Their solutions are documented and shared by vulnerable, unemployed youth in their communities.

The youth are trained by Sawa World’s local media partners to become community reporters (Sawa Youth Reporters). Sawa Youth Reporters produce short videos and regular updates about the practical solutions and impact of Sawa Leaders and present them throughout their region and through local media. This allows other impoverished people to feel inspired and to replicate the solutions in their own communities. And it allows the Sawa Youth to find leadership in their communities, and in themselves – to become the Sawa Leaders of tomorrow.

Sawa focuses on the world’s poorest countries and ensures these solutions are shared and succeed as locally created, permanent solutions that thrive independent of charity and foreign aid.

This unique strategy, repeated many times over, will result, sooner than we ever imagined, in a world free of extreme poverty. A Sawa World!