HEAL Initiative

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300 Frank H Ogawa Plaza
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About Us

The HEAL Initiative (http://healinitiative.org) focuses on realizing global health equity through training and building a transnational community of passionate health workers. We are looking for one new member to join our spirited team.

At HEAL, we believe health is achievable for even the most vulnerable populations in our world

when we apply principles of equity, justice, and solidarity. We believe that people coming

together can transform systems. Through the process, we also continue to be transformed.

HEAL (Health, Equity, Action, and Leadership) trains, transforms, and builds a community of

front line health professionals dedicated to serving the underserved. HEAL partners with 16

health organizations across 8 countries and Navajo Nation committed to transforming the lives

of the underserved. Learn more at www.HEALinitaitive.org