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About Us is a Community based organization founded in January 2008. it operates in Belgut constituency, Kericho district, southern rift valley, Kenya. We work with the local communities to promote, empower and develop the less privileged. endeavors to develop the knowledge and skills of vulnerable people by supporting them to realize their potentials through improved access to education opportunities, sports, recreation among others, hence effecting a positive change in the society.

Our mission:

To improve socio-economic status of people living in the rural areas of Kiptere, Kericho District through knowledge, financial and skills empowerment.

Our vision:

A community where people are knowledgeable and can afford a reasonable life with dignity.


- To contribute towards economic and social development across the local villages of Kiptere, Kericho district. - To improve the general income of people in the rural areas through provision of technical assistance, know-how transfer and infrastructure development. - Empower the community through trainings, discussions and income generating activities. - Sensitise the local community to promote gender equality. - Empower the community to maximize their potentials in different fields hence creation of employment opportunities.

Through an additional income the daily life can be influenced in a positive way in many different aspects i.e. Children will go to school, medical care will be affordable to many families, and different challenges that come as a result of joblessness e.g. prostitution, drug abuse, alcoholism, etc. will be minimal.

The organization is involved in the following projects. Poverty eradication programs. People face lots of challenges in daily life e.g. food, in ability to afford quality health care, pay school fees among others. To address these, we have come up with the following activities: Conduct discussions and hold workshops where people get the opportunity to be trained on Micro enterprise and entrepreneurial developments.

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