Washington, D.C. Mennonite Volunteer Service

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About Us

Mennonite Voluntary Service allows young adults (ages 20+) to put their faith into action through serving for a year or two at a local non-profit. Participants live in intentional community in a group house and practice simple living, from sharing food, cooking, chores, and community guidelines.

Enrichment is essential to community life in the D.C. unit. During the year, the group gathers for several seminars and discussion about topics that MVSers are facing on a daily basis at their placements or in their home lives: racism, simple and sustainable living, and community living. Located in the Colombia Heights neighborhood, the MVS house exists among many income levels and people from a myriad of cultures. The house is three miles north of the Capitol building, two miles north of the White House. MVSers are a quick walk, Metro-ride or bicycle ride away from work. The three-story unit house can accommodate six MVSers, each with their own bedroom.

During their service term, participants receive:
  • Room and Board
  • Transportation
  • Health Insurance
  • Student Loan Assistance
  • A stipend 
  • Invaluable work experience
MVS units are located throughout the country. More information about the national program can be found:  https://serve.mennonitemission.net/serve/Pages/MVS.aspx