Theatre-In-Education - Society

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B-32 Sanwal Nagar
Near Sadiq Nagar

About Us

Theatre-in-Education – Society is a registered society under the society registration act XXI of 1860 No. 56437 of 06. The essential idea behind TIE is to work for and with children to provide an environment to the children themselves, to their teachers and to their parents to use theatre for purposes of education. This is the most creative way of education, where no one comes to know when amongst teachers and students, who teaches and who learns and what. Personalities keep developing in the right direction even as on the surface it all seems a matter of play. Theatre-In-Education Society works on using theatre in the field of education. We conduct workshop for educators, children, social workers as well as for staff in various social organizations, schools, colleges, offices etc. on Team Work, Team-Building, Communication, Role-Play, Developing an Understanding of the Self, Organizational Effectiveness, etc.