Deuk Spine Foundation, Inc.

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About Us

Located in east central Florida, Deuk Spine Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation approved by the IRS and chartered in the State of Florida. 

Deuk Spine Foundation exists for the honorable purpose of advancing spinal research and to provide a forum for public education on state-of-the-art treatments for diseases of the spine. Diseases of the spine are common and frequently cause pain or neurological dysfunction that interferes with the daily life of millions. The incidence of spinal degenerative conditions is on the rise and without adequate research or public awareness, people like you or your loved ones will suffer needlessly. New technologies hold the key to safer and more effective treatments. Clinical research is overseen and approved by a private Institutional Review Board.  Ara J. Deukmedjian, MD, Board Certified Neurosurgeon and CEO of Deuk Spine Institute, serves as President of the Foundation. Your contribution will help the scientists and physicians at Deuk Spine Institute unlock the knowledge to practice better medicine for generations.