East Coast Maine Coon Rescue

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241 Creek Road
Apartment 14
United States

About Us

East Coast Maine Coon Rescue (ECMCR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization composed of dedicated volunteers who are committed to rescuing abandoned Maine Coon and Maine Coon Mix cats on the East Coast and placing them in properly screened and loving forever homes. Thus, our organization strives to do the following:

(1) To rescue abused, abandoned, surrendered and homeless Maine Coon (MC) and Maine Coon Mix Cats, whether registered or not.

(2) To provide carefully screened and safe foster homes.

(3) To assist in identifying Maine Coon/Maine Coon Mix cats that wind up in shelters.

(4) To act as a liaison between shelters, animal control facilities, and disaster agencies.

(5) To assist in providing appropriate medical care by ensuring that all Maine Coon and Maine Coon Mix cats placed directly through or into carefully screened East Coast Maine Coon Rescue (ECMCR) Foster Homes are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on shots, and tested for FeLV/FIV.

(6) To educate potential adopters about the Maine Coon cat breed.

(7) To alert Maine Coon cat breeders that a cat from their cattery may need help.

(8) To network with other rescue groups and pool our resources.

(9) To help transport Maine Coon/Maine Coon Mix cats to their temporary foster or new forever homes.

(10) To remain ever at hand, if needed, after a successful rescue has taken place, from foster care through to forever home placement, and thereafter, should a return to ECMCR of an MC/MC Mix cat be needed.

(11) To do our part to educate the public about responsible pet ownership.