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About Us

The Nevada Conservation League is an independent, non-partisan environmental advocacy organization. Our mission is to protect public health, natural resources and wildlife, and promote a more sustainable Nevada. Created 10 years ago by local environmental leaders, we focus on the shared priorities of environmental groups across the state.

NCL promotes our values at the Nevada State Legislature. We have been a vital force in creating important environmental protections in the state. Our achievements include increasing Nevada's renewable portfolio to one of the highest in the nation, protecting funding for state park land, and reducing harmful mercury emissions across the state.

NCL advocates a pro-conservation Legislature. We track the lawmakers' votes on environmental issues, and publish the results in our Conservation Scorecard. We endorse candidates with strong conservation records and campaign for real champions of the environment.

NCL approaches challenging issues by bringing all stakeholders to the table. We focus on meaningful, achievable solutions. We worked with mining companies to reduce harmful mercury pollution from mining operations. We partnered with renewable energy companies to develop large-scale projects "smart from the start" on public lands. We brought ATV enthusiasts, sportsmen and environmentalists together to license off-road vehicles and create funding for mitigation of wildlife habitat.

The Nevada Conservation League's Achievements include:

  • Increasing Nevada's renewable portfolio to one of the highest in the nation
  • Significantly increasing growth in rooftop solar installations
  • Contacting over 100,000 voters regarding environmental campaigns
  • Preventing coal-fired power plants from being built in Nevada
  • Creating revenue to protect wildlife habitat and public lands
  • Reducing harmful mercury pollution from mining operations
  • Fighting off attempts to privatize water in Nevada
  • Funding water quality improvement projects at Lake Tahoe
  • Protecting pedestrians, cyclists and wildlife in Red Rock Canyon
  • Protecting state parks from harmful budget cuts
  • Creating "Conservation Priorities for Nevada", a 25 organization collaborative that works to develop environmental priorities for Nevada
  • Spending over $500,000 on electing pro-environment candidates
  • Senior staff appointed to several local, state, and federal committees at the request of governors, legislators, county commissioners and federal delegation members