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1030 S Bowling Alley Ln #9
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About Us

Mission Statement:

WabiSabi is the nonprofit that receives, revalues, and redistributes needed resources to strengthen the Moab community.

Vision Statement:

WabiSabi’s vision is that one day, everyone in Moab will use their resources wisely and share the excess with those in need.

In a Nutshell:

WabiSabi operates two thrift stores in the Moab community that receive, revalue, and redistribute materials within the community that may otherwise be deposited in the landfill. Proceeds from the sale of these donated items are used to run operations, distributed among our nonprofit partners in the community, and support other WabiSabi programs.

In these efforts and others, WabiSabi is an integral part of the Moab community, supporting its eclectic sense of identity and the diversity of residents that comprise it.