New Jersey Interscholastic Cycling Association

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About Us


Establish a fun, enduring and relevant 6 to 12th grade mountain bike program to improve the lives of New Jersey’s teens and their families.

What does “enduring” look like?

Stability. We are here to stay and thus our business practices matter. We will follow sound business policy, leadership and financial accountability and responsibility.

What does “relevant” look like?

Having a presence across the state, and continuously growing our number of student athletes for the first 5 years of operation, to the point where we need to split into two regions to accommodate all racers.

What does “improve lives of NJ’s teens and their families” look like?

Our organization is focused on making a difference in the lives of New Jersey’s teens and their families. That concept of making a difference is what inspires our leaders and coaches; it’s not about today’s win or competition, it’s about making a difference – one kid at a time.