Mississippi Low Income Child Care Initiative

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About Us

The Mississippi Low Income Child Care Initiative (MLICCI) was founded in 1998 by child care providers, parents, and community leaders to address the multiple and interrelated problems facing low-wage working single moms who need affordable child care and the revenue challenges facing the providers who serve these mothers who cannot afford to pay fees high enough to finance their providers' operations. MLICCI works to address this spider web of economic oppression by expanding the supply of CCDF (Child Care Development Fund) child care assistance so more eligible families can be served; reform CCDF policies to ease parental access and secure retention of services; and to help providers finance their operations without increasing the price of tuition to parents. MLICCI's focus also extends beyond the urgent child care needs of low-income families to also include a broader structural change agenda focused on gender equity. MLICCI's deep relationships with low-income single mothers struggling in an inequitable workforce, providers struggling to finance services in a punitive policy climate with inadequate revenue, and low-income women across the state working within systemic racism and sexism root MLICCI firmly at the intersection of racism and sexism. State and national cross-sector policy partners and MLICCI's growing gender analysis capacity provide important infrastructure components for our movement-building. MLICCI's successful organizing with constituents and policy wins in this hostile climate evidence our ability to effectively move this work forward.