Marin General Hospital Foundation

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About Us

Our mission is to inspire philanthropy for the benefit of Marin General Hospital. Since its establishment, the hospital has benefited greatly from the extraordinary generosity of our community. Philanthropy has strengthened many key programs with upgrades and enhancements making an impact on the health and well-being of our families and neighbors for years to come. Recent programs and services made possible with donor support include:

  • Emergency and Trauma Services – Our emergency team uses child-friendly techniques learned through “Ouchless ED” training – to take the “ouch” out of pediatric emergency care.
  • Haynes Cardiovascular Institute – The Get Into Rhythm program helps heart patients get back to their active lives through comprehensive cardiac care that includes high-tech diagnostics and lifestyle guidance.
  • Breast Health Center – A beautiful new state-of-the-art facility opened in June 2017, providing 3D digital mammography, bone density testing and ultrasound imaging.
  • Center for Integrative Health and Wellness – Dozens of services such as nutritional counseling, fitness coaching, stress management, expressive arts therapy and massage therapy are offered to the community at large to promote wellness and disease prevention.
  • Braden Diabetes Center – Through a partnership with the UCSF Madison Clinic, the center now provides specialty care for children with diabetes here in Marin.