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About Us


Rainbow Serenity is an organization that is provided to the public that shall provide all people, with emphasis in the LGBT community with a safe, educational, and label free atmosphere. This Organization will be an active role in creating an educational venue by providing for all diversified and open minded individuals in every culture and lifestyle. Rainbow Serenity and the governing board will provide resources in order to educate and unify all people regardless of any uniqueness. Rainbow Serenity is a foundation to build a hate free environment. The agenda of Rainbow Serenity is not to identify with any social class or status, but to rather learn from each other’s individuality, doing it’s best at removing labels and stereotypes.


Rainbow Serenity is the beginning of a journey that will supply the education instead of ignorance, diversity instead of adversity, and a serene environment for all to enjoy. To ensure all people that the end to hate is to find acceptance and love no matter the uniqueness of the individual. Rainbow Serenity will become a place for all people to stand shoulder to shoulder and be counted equally at the journey's end. Rainbow Serenity will connect a society usually filled with ignorance and adversity with love, acceptance, education, comfort, and a complete removal of all labels on every level. The residual effects of Rainbow Serenity are: lowering the suicide rate through workshops and other educational tools and intercessions, enable society to build acceptance and understanding of each other's individual stature, ensuring a safer, comfortable and more secure atmosphere where all people are free of definition, allowing each other individually to become more educated through experiences, lectures, educational tools, and other activities and events, and essentially to allow people to become comfortable not only with themselves but the diversity of life that is within each respective community.