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About Us

Socialpedia is a knowledge builder confined to the social sector space. People and organizations in the social sector / NGOs are not connected and therefore their knowledge remains inside the individual silos. Socialpedia aims to uncover this wealth buried within millions of people all over the globe.

Socialpedia provides a virtual platform to all the stakeholders in Social sector to participate and share their knowledge. Socialpedia is a catalyst, an enabler, an exchange, a networker and a space for all to stay connected for ever. It’s a destination for socially inclined people.

Some of the features of are given below. We invite you to visit us and explore opportunities to learn and share knowledge. This would be the best investment of your time towards raising humanity.

Socialpedia has organised almost all the social issues and subjects into different categories & sub-categories and under each of these , related Articles, Q& A, Discussion groups and forums, Expert panels are created and also information like Websites, Newsletters, NGOs and Institutions are provided. Socialpedia helps build meaningful relationships between people and knowledge. Through such real-time participation of collective minds, Socialpedia will generate immense impact and action for the greater good of the community.

A short summary of the features available in socialpedia is given below.

Social Wiki: Information is classified into categories and sub categories. The members can view/enter articles/information in any category/sub category of their choice. They can ask for clarifications by posting questions to other members and receiving answers. SEARCH tool is provided to select articles of our choice.

Social Groups: It is a platform provided for members to form groups on subjects of their choice. Forums are provided for discussions on these subjects. Social Events of interest to the Group can be updated by group members. This feature being geo based will provide members information on Social events taking place in & around locations of their stay, around the globe.

Social networking features: This allows users to share articles, ideas, activities, events, and interests within their individual networks.

Live Experts: The members can ask questions to experts, who have registered with socialpedia to get their doubts clarified.

Newsletter: Subscribers will be provided by monthly newsletters on the happenings.

Vission & Mission

Socialpedia is your Wikipedia of social issues. Socialpedia connects people, organizations, and communities across the globe into one platform to share ideas & knowledge

It’s a destination for those who care. You can submit your article so that others may share your knowledge. Edit, update & comment on existing articles. Read and empower yourself.