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About Us

Farm Pilot Project Coordination, Inc. (FPPC), a non-profit organization, was designated by Congress (Public Law 107-76) to assist in implementing innovative treatment technologies to address the growing waste issues associated with animal feeding operations (AFOs). FPPC’s objective is to foster the conservation, development and wise use of land, water, and related resources, while providing AFOs with opportunities for profitable operation. Significant progress has been made with the FPPC Program. To date, twenty-six (26) Pilot Projects have been selected covering innovative technologies for poultry, dairy, swine and composting Operations in fourteen (14) states including: North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kansas, Pennsylvania, New York, California, and Vermont. These Pilot Projects are in various stages of negotiation, development, implementation and operation while six (6) project demonstrations are nearing completion. FPPC, Inc.’s mandate is to oversee the implementation and administration of a Pilot Project Program to demonstrate economically viable innovative treatment technology systems that reduce the nutrient content of the waste stream from AFOs by 75 percent or greater. Funding for approved Pilot Projects comes from monies appropriated by Congress and overseen by the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), a division of the United States Department of Agriculture.

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