Louisiana Capital Assistance Center

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636 Baronne Street
New Orleans
United States

About Us

The Louisiana Capital Assistance Center (LCAC) is a not-for-profit law office based in New Orleans, Louisiana committed to excellence in the provision of defense services to indigent clients facing the death penalty.

The LCAC is principally a trial level office, representing indigent clients at trial level in cases throughout Louisiana. In addition, the LCAC provides resource and consultative services to other capital trial counsel throughout Louisiana. The LCAC is involved in the representation of a smaller number of capital defendants in post-verdict cases in Louisiana and in state or federal post-conviction in Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

The LCAC is committed to the following values: • excellence in the provision of capital defender services for indigent defendants, accepting that ABA Guidelines for high quality representation in capital cases set a minimum standard in the field; • client-centered and relationship based work that respects the humanity and dignity of all involved in the criminal justice system; • innovation and creativity in the provision of capital defense services; • the elimination of racism and other forms of discrimination in the criminal justice system.

The LCAC delivers capital defense services through a staff of dedicated attorneys and fact and mitigation investigators, as well as contracting with outside counsel, mitigation specialists and other experts. The LCAC emphasizes team based defense and a holistic approach to questions of culpability and mitigation.

The LCAC has been in operation for over a decade and is located at The Justice Center in New Orleans, a building it shares with other not-for-profit offices working with indigent clients in the criminal justice system, including, the Capital Appeals Project of Louisiana and Innocence Project New Orleans. Further details are available at our website: http://www.thejusticecenter.org/lcac/.