The Bridge Project

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About Us

The Bridge Project's mission is to provide educational opportunities for children living in Denver's public housing neighborhoods so they graduate from high school and attend college or learn a trade.


This Bridge is built of people; everyone is welcome. We strive to be the best built bridge, the premiere program offering excellent After School, Adult, Summer, and Scholarship opportunities.

We are anchored in the hopes, culture, creativity and strengths of the people and communities where we are located. Through building academic and social skills, we provide the chance to move with hope to a future shaped by each individual. We will improve the educational standards of families in low-income neighborhoods—one person at a time. We have high expectations of participants. We value each individual. Each child/each person can succeed in reaching his/her goals. Skills and resources are developed for future careers and doors are opened to opportunity.

  • Education is valued
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence are enhanced
  • Role models live next door

To reach for excellence, depth and quality, we set clear goals and take action to achieve results, thereby attracting talent and resources to The Bridge Project. We provide a safe place to study and encourage, nurture, and support. We believe that all participants have something to contribute to each other and the community. We recognize and celebrate success.

Our goal is to have a presence in every public housing development and community that invites us.