Kiyumba Community Organisation

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About Us

KIYUMBA COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION, a dully registered Community Based Organization(Registration number, CD/REG. Number SEMB/TSM/0127) on the 1st day of December 2008. Registration witnessed by the Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Community Based Services at the District. For the past three years, the organisation has implemented community self help projects specifically targeting the vulnerable families in the communities found in 3 Sub Counties of Ssembabule District. The key projects that have been implemented by the organization include, child support through educational, recreational, cultural, health and lifelong learning opportunities targeting the youth and adults, as well as empowerment and development of persons with disabilities and income generation projects targeting women and the rural poor. The organization has a fully fledged field Office located in Lwemiyaga trading centre in Ssembabule district, the organization employs all competent persons and does not segregate or discriminate on gender and religious backgrounds. The organizations field Office has tremendously boosted the inter personal relations of the communities, beneficiaries and other stakeholders, for it houses a learning resource centre where community members converge for information sharing and recreation. The organization embodies a hands on and a community participatory approach through the implementation of all her projects, and also works in partnerships with other relevant stakeholders and development partners in the district.