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About IPS North America

Since its founding in 1964, IPS, which is based in Rome, has specialized in the coverage of issues and events of interest to the Global South, particularly regarding social and economic development, human rights, the environment, and the foreign policies of the developed powers as they interact with developing countries.

Inter Press Service North America was established as a non-profit organization in July 1997 to enhance the free flow and dissemination of newsworthy information to and from developing nations to the North American media, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), policy-makers at the United Nations and other organisations that work on and around social, economic and educational issues affecting primarily developing countries.

Our news service aims to strengthen South-South and South-North flows of information by making news about the developing world available to these entities.

As part of what is known as "development journalism", our news service aims to help correct the imbalance of news provided by the mainstream media by providing contextualised news that focuses less on specific news events and more on the processes, institutions and trends which make those events understandable to readers, from U.S. environmental policy to the work of the World Bank and the United Nations system.