People Against Rape Culture

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About Us

PARC (People Against Rape Culture) is an organization dedicated to combating sexual violence through a widespread educational and advocacy campaign.


PARC was created to facilitate positive change in the way our culture thinks, talks and behaves around sexual assault and rape. Using education, advocacy, and collaboration we intend to make the world safer for future generations. First through education of both children and adults on sexuality, consent, abuse and appropriate sexual boundaries. Secondly by ensuring that those who commit sexual assault or abuse are held accountable to justice and equity, and that their victims can report in a non-judgmental and supportive social, legal and law enforcement environment. Finally by holding the media, corporations, and our legislators accountable for the ways in which they contribute to and perpetuate the existing rape culture.

Company Overview

PARC (People Against Rape Culture) envisions a world in which rape, sexual abuse and sexual assault are no longer condoned or encouraged in various ways in our collective culture, and in which all people have autonomy around their bodies that is respected.

PARC will use a combined campaign of education, advocacy and collaboration to meet the goals of this vision.