The Change In Life Experience Pakistan

About Us

Every Child has right to grow in good and healthy environment. Every child needs a good education for future but a large number of children are not enjoying this life because there are some facts which are not allowing these children to grow. The poor in Pakistan have

very low incomes limited access to basic needs such as education, health, clean drinking water and proper sanitation discrimination on the basis of sex alone few places to obtain skill training: education is unaffordable not many good jobs or earning opportunities with limited access to career development programs, especially for women The Change in Life Experience is a non-profit, non Government organization. We believe that the good news of Jesus Christ is more than just words: we need to be actively involved in helping those who really need it.

The Change in Life Experience is committed to uplift the lives of the poor, especially among Christians in Pakistan. We support the education of more than 300 children from poor families in villages where most people work for brick kilns. Less than 50% of Pakistan’s children attend school — many of them just cannot afford it. Our target is to equip the poor community to that level where they can earn better and become a good part of Lord’s Kingdom.

The Change in Life is a registered non-profit, non Government Organization and has a board of trustees.