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About Us

INFORM is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to educating the public about the effects of human activity on the environment and on public health. Our mission is to empower citizens, businesses and governments to adopt practices and policies that will help sustain our planet for future generations. Since 1973 we have published 120 reports that have played a seminal role in guiding business and government to adopt innovative technologies, products and practices to protect the environment.

In 2007, following a leadership change, INFORM's board and staff decided to pursue a more contemporary approach to their historic mission of disseminating information to catalyze change. The new INFORM is building on its distinguished research legacy by using visual media to educate the general public. Our objective is to expand environmental literacy and provide concerned citizens with the tools they need to implement environmentally preferable changes in their daily lives at a time when the need for change has never been so urgent.