White Coat Waste Project

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About Us

White Coat Waste Project is a fast-paced, bipartisan organization supported by 400,000+ liberty-lovers and animal-lovers opposed to the government’s wasteful spending of $15 billion+ on taxpayer-funded animal experiments. Built entirely from scratch in the past several years, our recent accomplishments include:

  • De-funded the Dept. of Veterans Affairs dog labs: 1st time in American history Congress defunded dog testing at an entire federal agency.
  • Ended FDA’s baby monkey nicotine addiction experiments and compelled FDA to establish its first-ever Animal Welfare Council.
  • Passed the first-ever law to cut state tax funding of maximum pain cat and dog labs
  • Made headline news over 586x times in 18 months, more than any other animal testing origination, including front cover investigations in USA Today, New York Times, Fox News, and many more.
  • Secured the first-ever federal audits of animal testing spending in American history

WATCH: our top WINS for taxpayers and animals in 2017