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About Us

SPOUTS of Water is a social enterprise that aims to provide access to clean drinking water to all Ugandans through the production and distribution of ceramic water filters. These filters, called Purifaayas, remove all germs and impurities without the need for boiling. It does not require electricity or chemicals, has virtually no maintenance, and lasts for two years. Once the unit has been paid for, there are no ongoing costs. It works equally well in rural villages and urban environments.

From very humble beginnings and our first sale in 2015, SPOUTS sold a total of 9,500 filters in 2017. In the first six months of 2018, we have already sold 7,500 filters and we are expecting robust sales in the second half of the year. Our products currently comprise two models of the Purifaaya; one designed for household use and a larger version intended for use in settings such as schools, health clinics and corporate offices. 

We work with a wide variety of partners in order to most effectively get our filters to those in need. We work with international NGOs and humanitarian organizations, local community groups, retailers and wholesalers, and microfinance institutions to distribute across a wide range of customers. We also run a "direct to consumer" sales program, in which we sell directly to communities and savings groups and offer financing options that add greater affordability to the end-user.

Moving forward, we hope to continue expanding our impact throughout the country and region, and to be a household name in Uganda that saves countless time, expense, and carbon emissions.

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