Dignity for Humanity Initiative


1st floor,#2 Awka street/Uzuakoli


About Us

Restoration of man's dignity through human resource development and enterprise development and promotion.

Dignity for Humanity Initiative is a human development non-governmental-non profit organsation whose work focus is primarily to address the acute problems of poverty and it's consequent factors especially in Nigeria.Established as poverty Alleviation and Eradication Initiative,DFHI has the avowed aims of working towards eradication of poverty.And raising the standard of the people. Our programs are designed to focus on community health,Basic education,Enterprise promotion, enterpreneurial development,youth reorientation&resource development and women development.aimed to achieve the following set objectives

-To develop the human resource potentials of the disadvantaged women and youths. -To provide opprtunties for training of local buisnessmen.women and youths. -To support improved food production,fishery livestock production. -To make promote proven buisness ideas. -To encourage women participation in the socio-economic development of the society. -To encourage the utilization of every available local resoures for the benefit of the poor masses through improved storage,preservation,packaging,marketing,recycling,processing of food and materials. -To train volunteers in strategic educational and agricultural programmes. -To source and provide micro-credit facilities(short-term loans) directly to prospective women and youths entrepreneurs to enable them set up run thier own small enterprises. -To raise success and productivity consciousness through personal development.