PlaNet Finance Deutschland e.V.

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About Us

PlaNet Finance is an international organisation whose mission is to fight poverty by helping impoverished people develop independent revenue-generating activities to sustainably improve their living conditions. Operating in over 60 countries, PlaNet Finance is recognized as one of the fastest growing and most dynamic organizations in the field.

Microfinance provides financial services to people lacking access to traditional banking or sources of capital. Small loans made possible by the microfinance sector help people develop microentreprises, get out of poverty with dignity, and contribute to the economic and social growth of their community.

In Germany, PlaNet Finance is dedicated to further develop the microfinance sector. At this scope, PlaNet Finance Deutschland works in order to contribute to public debate on microfinance by supporting education and research. It provides expertise to organizations, companies and individuals committed to microfinance and professional management support in project implementation.