Tiny Circus

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1007 East Street
United States

About Us

In 2008, Tiny Circus was established as a collaborative and community-based art project. The Circus uses the medium of stop-motion animation to create and tell stories.

Tiny Circus travels to host stop-motion animation workshops for all ages at schools and universities, art and film festivals, museums and galleries. A core group of Circus members facilitates each workshop, and the participants become members of the circus – we now number over 1000!

Tiny Circus was born out of a desire to create art collaboratively and a commitment to making that art an interactive and community-based endeavor.

Tiny Circus collaborates with community partners to facilitate the creation of their own stop-motion animation. The short films are alternate “histories” of objects, occurrences, and ideas – like popcorn, war, or adaptation.

The new animation is then presented as part of our show "The Other Histories of the World" as a finale to the workshop. Thus, our audiences can see animations created by their own community members in the context of animations created elsewhere.