Ani Shlishi

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Mikveh Israel Street
Tel Aviv


About Us

What is Ani Shlishi?

Ani Shlishi is a non-profit organization based in Tel Aviv, dedicated to making a difference in Israeli communities. The impact of Ani Shlishi is two-fold:

1)   Delivering donated clothing and household items to agencies serving at-risk individuals to promote tolerance and inclusion through humanitarian work.

2)   Selling additional donated items to provide educational opportunities for at-risk individuals.

Who are we?

Our mission is to live the “I am Third” philosophy through a commitment to inclusion, while breaking the cycle of poverty.

A Commitment to Inclusion

Ani Shlishi began as a simple idea: A pair of shoes can promote peace. Through Israel’s Lone Soldier program, men and women from around the world come to serve in the military. During their service they accumulate household items that they can’t take with them when they leave. Ani Shlishi began by collecting their gently used clothing, shoes, books and electronics and delivering them to local charities to be distributed to those in need. By connecting soldiers to people of different religious and racial groups, we have been able to break down rigid perceptions and bring people together.

Breaking the poverty cycle:

Through Ani Shlishi's “2nd Hand for 2nd Chance Initiative,” we are developing and funding programs designed to make a dent in Israel’s poverty problem. This initiative includes programs focusing on providing educational opportunities through our scholarship fund, and purchasing school supplies for underprivileged children.

I am Third

Ani Shlishi means “I am Third.” The project was established in honor of Ross, who passed away from cancer in 2016 and was a good friend of Ani Shlishi’s founder. Ross lived a life of compassion and kindness; his philosophy was: “First comes the greater good, the welfare of others is second. I am third.”