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About Us

Clean Water Action's Mission

Clean Water Action is a national organization of diverse people and groups working together for:

  • Clean Water – Assuring supplies of clean, safe and affordable water for all Americans, now and for the future.
  • Protecting Health – Preventing health-threatening pollution at its source.
  • Creating Jobs – Building an economy based on environmentally safe jobs and businesses.
  • Making Democracy Work – Empowering people to take charge of our environmental future.

Clean Water Action:

  • Organizes strong grassroots groups and coalitions, and
  • Campaigns to solve environmental and community problems, and to elect progressive and pro-environment candidates at every level.

Clean Water Action's Unique Role Clean Water Action's programs and campaigns build on:

  • National Leadership – Clean Water Action's leading role in the drafting, passage and ongoing defense of the nation's major water and toxics laws, as well as their state-level counterparts.
  • Local Innovation – Clean Water Action's innovative and winning people-based strategies that approach environmental problems and solutions from the community level.
  • Helping People – Clean Water Action's emphasis on helping people acting individually and collectively to make a difference for communities' health and environment.

"While the public should not have to rely on its own eternal vigilance to see that anti-pollution laws get enforced, it is true that an awakened local citizenry will always be needed to support the tough stands officials will have to take to get the water clean." David Zwick, Water Wasteland, 1972 (founder & President, Clean Water Action)

Clean Water Action's Grassroots Strength

Clean Water Action's more than 1.2 million members, volunteers and seasoned professional staff have built one of the nation's largest, most effective environmental organizations. Clean Water Action's grassroots muscle has been critical in shaping and strengthening laws such as the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Superfund for toxics cleanup.

Clean Water Action provides recognized leadership on critically important environmental, health, ecosystem protection and community quality of life concerns. Recent examples include: arsenic in drinking water and "pressure treated" lumber; sewage pollution/dumping; mercury, power plant and incinerator pollution and safer renewable energy alternatives; wetlands, watershed and drinking water source protection; environmental funding and enforcement.