AYNI - today for you, tomorrow for me

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About Us

AYNI is a unique grassroots organization in that it does not try to convert people, does not charge a lot of money to volunteer, does not use volunteering to profit, and does not offer a pre-packaged feel good pseudo cultural experience. AYNI offers a real experience of working with children and families in a small rural indigenous village that is struggling to survive the daily crisis of living in poverty. Programs are opportunities to develop strong relationships, invest time, heart, and talents, make a difference, and gain a real understanding of poverty and its related issues.

AYNI focuses on Development and Education, with the main goal of empowering children and their families by providing avenues by which they can improve their quality of life. In order to remove or alleviate some of the obstacles that people living in extreme poverty face, AYNI runs a variety of Education and Development programs.

In short, AYNI attempts to enrich the child's childhood and educational experience by providing opportunities to learn, play, and have fun. AYNI teaches ESL offers sports and recreational programs, run library programs, and ultimately develop lasting relationships with the children. Volunteers are like camp counsellors for the economically impoverished child. This interaction is mutually beneficial, and the children's smiles are absolutely contagious. Volunteers and children alike find it very rewarding.