Muevete Puerto Rico

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About Us

MUEVETE PUERTO RICO proposes to utilize a 78 acre (cuerda) farm located in the community of Villa Angelina in Luquillo on a leasehold agreement through the Autoridad de Tierra. The land offers a convenient location and size for the start and continuous development of the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary. Since, acquiring a land of this size in Puerto Rico is a monumental task but the main objective is to create a long term viable and sustainable program that will benefit not only the members of the organization but also the greater community in general. This farmland will hence avail room enough for an entire operational system that contains a variety of growing regions, which will take approximately 5 years to develop. Having an accessible land resource will enable us to develop a long term project that will become a viable institution for years to come. The growth of the entire farm land project is laid out later in this document however the emphasis on organizing such a large land mass must be stressed that all is necessary to develop and will be broken up into a variety of zones for later cultivations. This would include planting fruit trees on the outer zones as we develop the inner zones with vegetables, herbs and other main crops likely to occupy the inner zones. Availability of this farm will also enable the organization to formulate calculated moves in developing a true farm sanctuary with the ability to spread out and carry out experimental farming within the same land. This farm builds confidence among the interested parties as it provides for ample room for expansion without restrictive space insecurities.

The Luquillo Farm Sanctuary is intended to blend in perfectly with the community and hence create a true sense of natural living where people help people, feed people, cultivate people, love people and more. It is planned to take a gradual process in development year after year. The Luquillo community and surrounding areas form the main population that we aim to serve. Our goal is primarily educational as we see the need to RE- engage the Puerto Rican citizen back into a time when agriculture was the true lifestyle of this land. The lack of appreciation for working with the land is very present in the youth and we believe that it is imperative for our society to make that change...for the health, wellness, economic sustainability, and overall general collective lifestyle that has been proven with communities that cultivate their land and their children.