Lake Katherine Nature Center & Botanic Gardens

  • IL


7402 W. Lake Katherine Drive
Palos Heights
United States

About Us

Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens is an 85-acre non-profit park that includes woodlands, prairie, wetlands, gardens and a 10-acre lake. An estimated 100,000 people come to the park each year to hike, jog, walk their dogs or to simply enjoy the beauty of the gardens and the abundant opportunities to see wildlife.

Mission Statement

The mission of Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens is to connect people with nature.

By engaging the public with Lake Katherine and by applying current stewardship practices to this reclaimed land, we strive to create places that:
  • invite human interaction with natural spaces,
  • offer opportunities to learn about nature,
  • expand participation in and knowledge of good ecological practices,
  • and welcome recreation and reflection.

Latest Listings

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