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Marketing Interns for Campaign to Eradicate Illiteracy: Bailey Institute, a global 501(c)3 non-profit organization seeks Marketing interns to assist with a global multi-media campaign to eradicate illiteracy. Globally, 1 in 5 people worldwide is illiterate. Illiteracy hinders personal progress, community progress and society as a whole. Bailey Institute works in Liberia which has 80% illiteracy. In a 2010 pilot project, Bailey Institute used TECHNOLOGY and quickly and cost-effectively reduced illiteracy. In 2011, Bailey Institute will work in the U.S. where the overall illiteracy level is 14% and in some urban areas illiteracy is as high as 36%. Illiteracy is a problem that is local and global and hinders human progress wherever it occurs. The marketing campaign will develop: • Key message points • Stream video, data points and messages • Zero in on target audiences • Win supporters to sustain the program; Volunteers may contact:; Call 301-733-9003; Visit us at