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About Us

The McKinney Foundation

The McKinney Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity headquartered in Detroit, Michigan and established on three pillars: Health, Entrepreneurship and the Environment. Our core focus is to address educational equity as it relates to ensuring "access and opportunity‟ to quality programs for all metro Detroiters.

Our Mission Statement

The McKinney Foundation strengthens the metropolitan Detroit community by reinvesting in the citizenry through quality educational programs which help promote healthy living, entrepreneurship, and environmental responsibility.

Vision Statement

The McKinney Foundation envisions a community with educational equity leading to a healthy and thriving Detroit Metropolitan Area where each individual is:

• Assured of Access to quality education

• Economically empowered

• Environmentally responsible

• Aspiring and striving to reach their full potential

• A productive global citizen

To create this reality, The McKinney Foundation collaborates with like-minded agencies providing quality educational programs.

Statement of Core Values

The values of The McKinney Foundation include:

• Educational Equity

• Integrity

• Respect for all people, the community and the environment

• Responsible governance of time, resources, and talent

• Commitment to excellence

• Collaboration

These core values serve to inform and guide the decisions and actions of The McKinney Foundation as it develops future policies and practices.

The McKinney Foundation is a trusted leader and a driving force to bring about community revitalization, economic empowerment, environmental responsibility and self- sufficiency by reinvesting in the citizenry of metro Detroit.

Toward this effort, we plan to work collaboratively with existing nonprofit organizations, the business sector, academia, schools and government agencies to ensure a healthy and thriving metropolitan Detroit. To learn more, please visit our website at