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About Us

bk farmyards is a Brooklyn-based farming network providing locally-grown, healthy, and affordable food to Brooklyn residents, and employment opportunities for youth and adults interested in food production.

We've worked to convert backyards into productive farms, creating the first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program) grown entirely in Brooklyn. Our projects consists of The Youth Farm at the High School for Public Service and starting an Egg CSA at the Imani Garden.

The Youth Farm at HSPS

The Youth Farm began in 2009 as a partnership between the High School for Public Service (HSPS) and BK Farmyards, a collective of urban farmers dedicated to the expansion of food justice and agricultural production and training in Brooklyn. HSPS Principal Benjamin Shuldiner wanted to see the acre of unutilized land at the Wingate Campus (home to four public schools) put to use; BK Farmyards offered the agricultural, youth development and adult education expertise to make this dream a reality.

Now in its fourth growing season, the Youth Farm has grown from ¼ acre to a full acre of production farming, producing over 15,000 pounds of fresh food and over 1250 bouquets, and engaging over 400 youth and 350 adults through programs annually.