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About Us

GoEO is a grassroots non-profit organization which advocates a more ethical consumption of animal products, promotes and supports humane and sustainable farms and provides consumers with the tools necessary to easily adopt the EO (Ethical Omnivore) lifestyle in order to work towards eradicating the factory farm system in the US.

GoEO was founded in April 2011. Our initial group was small, but the number of people joining our movement is growing by the day. Each of us is involved for different reasons. Some of us are deeply saddened by the widespread and rampant animal cruelty that exists on this planet. Others are very concerned about the harmful effects on our health caused by the factory farming system. Finally, the environmentalists among us are horrified by the terrible effects this all has on the well-being of our planet.

Whatever the exact reason, GoEO believes that in order to successfully overcome the current factory farming system, we all must be realistic in the approach. Because the majority of the US population consumes meat, we feel that we can bring about vast and widespread change by arming this massive group with all the facts and know-how so that they can make educated decisions on their own (which may not necessarily be the choices the meat and dairy industry prefer me make). But we do have choices, and these choices can bring about change. We acknowledge that veganism is the ultimate aspiration but we do not believe it is achievable for the masses in the near-term. Therefore, going EO is a step in the right direction.

We support the ongoing efforts of vegan groups, anti-animal cruelty organizations, and environmental organizations committed to ending the factory farming system. We will do our part by providing the tools and knowledge consumers need to live an ethical omnivore lifestyle. Meat-eaters can be humane, do care deeply about our planet and are concerned about their health. Please join us - for our animals, for our planet, for us.