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United States

About Us

INN World Report is one of only two independent, alternative daily television news/interviews shows in the United States. Because INN is non-profit, and is funded solely by viewer donations, we are free to provide Americans vital information about the events that will affect their lives – breaking national and international news that they cannot find in the corporate-owned, mainstream media. INN is non-partisan and does not have a political agenda, however, we are committed to working towards peace and social/economic justice throughout the globe. We feel that at this crucial time in the history of the United States, with the threat of endless war and the destruction of our civil rights, environment, and economy, Americans need independent news now more than ever.

At INN we go to the source of international news, gathering and researching articles daily from news wires and papers worldwide in order to bring Americans a broader and sharper perspective on global events than they would find on network or cable corporate-owned news shows. We also work with independent reporters across the US and the world in order to cover breaking news wherever it happens.

INN is Broadcasted each weekday from Manhattan throughout the US via Dish TV Channel 9415 (Free Speech TV), and cable access stations. INN’s program is a 30-minute show that reaches a wide swathe of the US demographic. Our audience is composed of tens of millions of rural, suburban and urban households, many in the "red" states.

Our daily shows also stream off the internet at our site: www.INNWorldReport.net INN World Report opens with stories on the day’s national and international headlines, and then segues into an in-depth interview segment with a very broad range of topics selected from politics, current events, science, health and culture.