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About Us

"Bridging Heaven & Earth", an international spiritual talk show, focuses on opening the heart; bridging the spiritual and the physical, the human and the divine, heaven and earth within each one and the Oneness in all Life. Begun about twelve years ago, "Bridging" has spread its message of Love and Oneness across the international spiritual scene. Our website address is

Hosted by Allan, Bridging just completed its 221st show, and has featured many of the spiritual communities most prominent Lights, including a broad assortment of teachers, psychics, healers, authors, musicians, painters, singers, dancers, and channelers. Some of the guests have included Michael Tamura, Gene Egidio, Jose Arguelles, Samuel Oliner, Gloria Wendroff, Kam Yuen, Zhi Gang Sha, Patrice Karst, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Thom Hartmann, Chris Griscom, Andy Lakey, Ann West-Tickle, Ali Minor, Lama Ole Nydahl, and Patricia Cota Robles.

Bridging is aired in approximately 150 cities in the United States (for more information, see, as well as all the shows being available, in their entirety, on both Google Video and YouTube. We are honored and delighted to be in collaboration with both of those esteemed hosts to make all the Bridging shows about Love and Oneness available on a world-wide basis, 24/7.

To watch the Bridging shows on Google Video go to:

In 1999, The Bridging Heaven & Earth nonprofit, educational, Foundation was established to help support Bridging's message of Love and Oneness . It has helped enormously in the distribution of the television show to many more outlets and viewers as well as being extremely instrumental in the grand success of the Bridging Heaven & Earth International Art Project ( ).

Bridging's website is: