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About Us

All Saints Company works to build collaborative relationships with church leaders and congregations to revitalize the church through conferences, consultation, publication, and other creative projects.

All Saints Company was founded in 1974 by Rick Fabian and Donald Schell as a resource to the Episcopal Church and other churches, for the renewal of church life through the liturgy.

From their founding days at the chaplaincy at Yale University they began experimenting with movement, text, and space. They drew from the breadth of Christian tradition, always preferring times and places where the church’s liturgy was “popular” --where it was easily accessible by the stranger and newcomer, and convinced that liturgy was always meant to develop in a living community beyond the confines of rubrical correctness.

In 1978 they founded St. Gregory of Nyssa parish as a special mission of the Diocese of California. The young congregation pioneered the Open Table in the Episcopal church, inviting everyone to communion whether baptized or not, following Jesus’ teaching and example. St. Gregory’s also began to explore the lay diaconate, congregational dance, unaccompanied singing as ways to involve the congregation in worship.

Over the past 30 years All Saints Company has worked with St. Gregory of Nyssa church to extend their learned principles of creating good liturgy and vibrant community to a worldwide audience though conferences, gatherings, publications. In 2007 Rick and Donald transitioned out of leadership of St. Gregory’s in order to devote themselves full-time to the All Saints Company mission of resourcing the church with new ways to think about liturgy and community.