Bailey's Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department

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3601 Firehouse Lane
Falls Church
United States

About Us

The Bailey's Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department is non-profit volunteer organization charged with providing fire and emergency medical services in the Baileys Crossroads neighborhood of Fairfax County and adjacent communities in the City of Alexandria and the County of Arlington. Emergency services are provided in partnership with the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, a county government organization. Under the partnership agreement the volunteer organization is responsible for furnishing apparatus, equipment, facilities and supplemental staffing; while the county government organization is responsible for the staffing front-line units.

The Bailey’s Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1942. Today the Bailey's Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department operates as Fairfax County Fire Station 10 and with over 8,869[1] emergency responses every year is one of the busiest in Fairfax County.

The department’s first-due area of responsibility is comprise of an urban geographical area of approximately 3.5 square miles that includes a towering group of 26-story apartment buildings and offices built in the 1970s, known as The Skyline Center. The department serves an ethnically, racially, culturally and economically diverse population of over twenty-three thousand[2] . According to census data, the population density in the department’s first-due area could be as high as 13,531 residents per square mile in some areas; considerably higher than the Fairfax County average of 2,767 residents per square mile.

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[2] US Department of Commerce, US Census Bureau, 2010